Access to a gym is only part of the equation when it comes to achieving any type of health or fitness goal. The know-how is what makes all the difference, and there is no shortage here! All of our trainers are certified with nationally accredited certifications, which includes training in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition. They understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to make sure you are getting the best service possible. Join a fitness community that is not only skilled, but passionate, determined, and supportive of your goals. Whether you’re here for two Free training sessions or committed to years of training with us, we’ve got exactly what you need!


Private Training

Private training is ideal for those seeking a 1 on 1 personal training experience. Whether you are a beginner looking to learn the basics or an expert wanting to sharpen up your exercise program, private sessions are a great option. 1 hour or 30 min sessions available.


Semi Private

Semi Private training is a great way to build community as well as cut costs of training! Semi Private training is for 2-4 clients, allows for schedule flexibility, and is a great way to build gym friendships. 1 hour or 30 min sessions are available.


Small Group

Small Group training is a great way to change things up as well as save a lot on price per session. These groups are 5-10 clients and are 1 hour sessions only.